Speakers at ARW’s April Meeting

The Ahwatukee Republican Women’s group invites several candidates to each of their monthly meetings to speak about their views on various problems facing our state and country, and how they would resolve them.

Blake Masters, candidate for the United States Senate, spoke about his concern for our educational system and the radical changes that our children are experiencing in school. He and his wife homeschool their young children, but he understands that not all families are in a situation where they can do the same. Therefore, Blake will work to fix the problems in our schools, as well as the problems with our open southern border, the issue of media misinformation, and the many problems with our elections. He stressed the importance of having more poll workers during the upcoming election.

Rene Lopez is a candidate for the United States Representative in Congressional District 4. He spoke about his background, which included being a Naval Officer, an Alter Boy, and he described himself as someone who always wanted to serve his community. Rene became a Precinct Committeeman 15 years ago, and worked his way up to Second Vice Chair of the Executive Guidance Committee for the Republican Party. Rene co-founded CeCe’s Hope Center, where he serves as Chairman. This non-profit organization helps rescue young women from human trafficking. Rene expressed the need for citizens to keep more money in our wallets, and he also pointed out the need to let parents raise their children, and not the schools.

Shawnna Bolick, candidate for Secretary of State, is currently the State Representative for LD20, which covers Glendale, Peoria, and parts of Phoenix. Shawnna is the Chairman of Ways and Means and Vice Chair for Criminal Justice Reform. She believes that it’s time to de-politicize the office of Secretary of State. Shawnna has been a leader on election integrity, and has fought against HR1, a bill that would allow the federal government to take over elections, rather than keeping them at the state level.
Michelle Ugenti-Rita, candidate for Secretary of State, is in her 12th year as State Senator representing LD23. Michelle spoke about citizens’ sacred right to vote, and she wants to ensure that only legal votes are cast and accurately counted. She wants to stop the radical left from undermining the integrity of our election system, and hold county officials accountable for the administration of our elections.