June Meeting Highlights Primary Candidates

  Gina Godbehere, candidate for Maricopa County Attorney, was one of the speakers at the June meeting. She described the importance of the position, the many things it entails, and the reasons she is running. You can learn about Gina and her campaign at https://ginaforjustice.com/.  Mark Stewart, candidate for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, … Read more

May Meeting at the New MCRC Building

Our May meeting was held at the new MCRC building, where one of the agenda items was to elect our new Treasurer, James Chaston.  Gary Johnson served us well during his term as Treasurer and we are very grateful for his service. Our Tally team counted the ballots by hand and did so in a … Read more

LD12 2024 State Delegate Election

The LD12 State Delegate Election meeting was well attended with 143 ballots cast.  Hand counting took quite a while as the ballot included 105 candidates.  The elected delegate and alternate list below was submitted to the MCRC.   LD12 2024 State Delegate Official Results

LD12 March 2024 Meeting

In addition to our We the People program, campaign season continues with much time allocated to candidates, PC paperwork, the upcoming State Delegates election and another session with Michele Swinick showing additional historical Maricopa election documents with major compliance issues.  This event was very well attended. Chair Greg Dutton talks about the LD12 State Delegates … Read more

February 2024 LD12 Meeting Highlights

Chairman Greg Dutton gave us an update on the upcoming Quadrennial State Delegates Election.  The election will be held on Wednesday, March 27th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Pima Canyon Church, which is located at 9807 S. 48th St., Phoenix 85044.  Greg stressed the importance of this election and asked that everyone clear their … Read more

Cyber Security and Forensic Elections Expert – Mark Cook

Talk given by Mark Cook on 9 Jan 2024 at the LD12 monthly meeting. Link to Video Mark’s Hand Count Road Show – 25 Feb 2024  Our Mission: Build broad-based support for returning ownership and responsibility for elections back to all American Citizens, regardless of political ideologies or affiliation. Our Goal: Personal visits to counties … Read more

Bylaws Revisions are Passed at the December Meeting

Chairman Greg Dutton proposed technical changes to the Bylaws, and they were voted on and passed.  He also announced that the MCRC EGC voted unanimously to endorse Donald J. Trump for president.    First Vice Chair Patty Porter pointed out the importance of informing those who are registered as Party Not Defined or Independent that … Read more

14 November Meeting News

Chairman Greg Dutton spoke about the results of the November 7th School Bonds/Overrides Election, and compared them to the results in 2017.  The gap has tightened dramatically in the past 6 years as evidenced by the charts Greg shared. First Vice Chairwoman Patty Porter shared the results of our LD’s PC Recruitment efforts, which resulted … Read more