Rescuing Children – 5 April 2024 Presentation

Host Michael Rogers presented four courageous women working different organizations supporting victims of human trafficking.  Their outstanding presentations described first hand the lack of the public’s ability to recognize this crime and its proximity to each of us.   Through their non-profits they provide different levels of support for those that have escaped the world … Read more

Rescuing Children Christmas Event

Lea Benson, CEO of Cece’s Hope Center, spoke at the Rescuing Children Christmas event and explained how Cece’s helps survivors of human trafficking. Jessica Knight, Executive Director and founder of Fire Revolution, is a trauma survivor who shared her story.  She also spoke about Statute ARS 13-3211 and the light sentences that offenders presently get. … Read more

Rescuing Children Event Features Speakers Lea Benson and Sheri Lopez

.       Cece’s Hope Center CEO Lea Benson and trafficking survivor and author Sheri Lopez spoke at our October Event.  Donations for Cece’s were made at the event and continue to be accepted at Cupz N’ Crepes, located at 4232 E Chandler Blvd., Unit 8, Phoenix AZ 85048. Please visit and … Read more

Rescue the Children

Please join us for the Save the Children Summit on Friday, Oct 27 at 6:30.  

Lisa Fink

Save the Children 2023 Parental rights and protect children