Election Integrity

ACTION Details

Reach out to republicans

Contact your PC Captain or Area Coordinator for walk lists to reach out to your fellow Republicans who may not have voted in previous elections.

Use blue ball point pen to vote

Official ballots state: “Use black or blue ink (no red ink)”. Using a blue ball point pen with blue ink proves a human made the mark on the ballot. Do not use a felt tip pen or a black pen, even if the polling location gives you a pen at the polls.

File an election complaint with the AZ Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Office was funded by the AZ Legislature in 2019 to establish an Election Integrity Unit to defend election laws.

Election Integrity Complaint Form

GOP Election Concern Form

Join a drop box watch team

On your own or independently organize fellow citizens to watch a ballot drop box.

Protect seniors’ ballots in adult communities

Write a letter to your local senior living center reminding them of their responsibilities. This sample letter template will help you get started.

Senior voting resources available here.

Volunteer with electioneering activities

Contact Patty Porter or sign up here for electioneering activities [i.e. promoting Republican candidates at the specific polling locations].

Updated 20221110