Guest Speakers at June ARW Meeting

Jim Lamon, candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke about the main issues that are important to him. They include securing the border, manufacturing, energy, the water crisis, and getting government out of our lives. Jim stated that he takes no PAC money, no Lobbyist money, and he will donate his salary, as well as give up his pension as our Senator.
Rodney Glassman, candidate for Attorney General, stated that he will protect us from the government, he will ensure that there will be no ballot harvesting, and he’ll work to make sure the voter rolls are cleaned up. He also spoke about the importance of school choice, PEA (Parental Education Advocacy), and he pointed out that he has experience running a law office and can do so in our state, which has 425 attorneys and 800 support staff.
Moses Sanchez, candidate for Phoenix City Council, told us a little bit about his background, including immigrating to the United States from Panama with his family as a young child, his military service with the US Navy from which he recently retired, and his interest in public service. A few of the issues Moses is very concerned about are public safety, homelessness and infrastructure.

Other candidates who spoke briefly were Suzanne Sharer, Tanya Wheeless, Terry Roe, David Richardson, Kristi Ohman, and Joseph Yang.