New LD12 Election Night

During the election for Board members on March 17th, Kimber Hattendorf was elected as the new Chairwoman for our newly formed District LD12.
Kimber spoke about being proactive in electing good Conservative candidates, registering Republican voters, and recruiting volunteers.
Greg Dutton is our newly elected 2nd Vice Chair, and some of the things he spoke to us about were the need to recruit more PCs, bringing back debates, and working closely with Legislative committees.
Steve Sacker, our newly elected 4th Vice Chair, expressed the importance of God, country, and family. He believes strongly in election integrity, border security, and education. Steve has been developing websites for over 20 years and he will be transferring the website from the former LD18 website, that he originally created and maintained, to the new LD12 website, He also spoke to us about the importance of using social media such as MeWe, Gab, and Tik Tok as further means of communication.
Gary Johnson was elected as Treasurer, and his background includes a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has been a PC for 15 years, and he has been a valuable trainer for new users of the GOP Data Center.
Patty Porter was elected 1st Vice Chair, and she spoke to us about being very active in politics. One of the things she was involved with was canvassing with Liz Harris. She is the PC Captain for Club West is an advocate for election integrity.
Doug James was elected 3rd Vice Chair, which means he is in charge of fundraising. He spoke about treating his new position like a business and he wants to create a budget. He spoke of the need to take a methodical approach, and thinking outside the box.
Carm Barna is our newly elected Secretary, and she spoke to us about the importance of providing transparent communication in a timely and concise manner. Her experience as a Pharmacist and the mandates placed on her and her coworkers was one of the reasons that led her to run for this office. She expressed the need for all of us to fight back against this type of authoritarianism.