• We Make Civic Action Easy as Pie. Fifteen minutes a week to save Arizona.

Independent Voter Validation & Verification (True the Vote)

  • Help keep voter rolls Accurate. Join in a citizen-led effort to ensure the accuracy of our nation’s voter rolls using IV3.

Tea Party Patriots FoundationConservative Partnership Institute

Marjorie Miner Scholarship

  • Ahwatukee Republican Women (ARW) is offering a scholarship for 12th year high school seniors. As Ahwatukee seniors begin homing in on post-graduation plans, ARW hope they remember to apply for the annual Marjorie Miner Scholarship. Ahwatukee residents who are graduating from high school this year can apply for the Marjorie Miner Scholarship, which was established in 2011 in honor of the longtime Republican activist who has been a member of ARW since it was founded in 2005.
  • Applicants must live in Ahwatukee and be registered Republicans and the deadline is April 1st.
  • Scholarship applicants should include two letters of recommendation from other than a family member, a 250-500-word double-spaced essay incorporating their involvement in volunteer service, extracurricular, clubs, and educational goals.
  • Visit the AFW Scholarship website for more information and the application.
  • Completed applications should be sent to Ahwatukee Republican Women – Marjorie Miner Scholarship c/o Scholarship Committee, PO Box 93391, Phoenix, AZ 85070.

AZ Free Enterprise Club

  • Our Approach is Simple – Take A Principled, Aggressive Stand In Support Of Our Issues And Policies. Unlike Other Organizations In Arizona, The Free Enterprise Club Is Not Afraid To Stand Up To Powerful Politicians And Special Interest Groups That Want To Maintain The Status Quo.

Election Integrity Network

  • Election Integrity Network (EIN) and Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell is a project of Conservative Partnership Institute. EIN is a coalition of conservative leaders, organizations, public officials and citizens dedicated to securing the legality of every American vote.