Our First LD12 Meeting

Our first meeting as LD12 was held on Tuesday, April 12th at Generation Church.  Chairwoman Kimber Hattendorf opened the meeting with remarks about the transition from LD18 to LD12, and she spoke about our common goals of electing Republicans and getting PC slots filled.  She was followed by each board member reporting on their individual tasks, including the progress they’ve made during the transition.
Patty Porter, 1st Vice Chair, spoke to us about TREC, which stands for Train, Recruit, and Educate Committees. She asked for volunteers to sign up for these special committees. She also spoke about those who have volunteered to assist the board members, as well as those volunteers who represent each city in LD12, which are Tempe, Chandler, and Ahwatukee.
Greg Dutton, 2nd Vice Chair, spoke to us about some of the challenges involved in the transition from LD18 to LD12. One of those issues was a problem with the email system, in which some members were not receiving communication from the board. Greg has been working hard to resolve the problem, and we are all now receiving emails from LD12.
Steve Sacker, 4th Vice Chair, reported that LD12GOP.org is up and running. There is an abundance of information that can be found under the “Resources” tab of the website, some of which include the new LD12 maps, Analytics, Request to Speak, and Voter Information. Steve also spoke about reaching out to voters under the age of 50 through social media platforms, including You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Rumble, and Pinterest, to name a few. He stressed the importance of consistent messaging. Summer Baker is posting videos, including one on our new You Tube channel entitled LD12Republicans. Please check it out!
Gary Johnson, Treasurer, reported that he created a Tax ID with the IRS and opened a new bank account for LD12. He expressed his appreciation for the donations that have been received, and reported an income of $726.27 with a present balance of $400.00 after expenses.
Carm Barna, our Secretary announced that we had a quorum at the meeting. Of the 91 PCs, 86 were present and 5 were by proxy.
Jill Norgaard, 1st Vice Chairwoman for the State GOP, presented us with information relating to public speaking training, gas station training, Request to Speak, tools to train candidates, and social media training. She also showed us how to find public records such as the salaries of state and education officials to help us become better informed.