PC Door Knocking and Candidate Profiles

During the October LD18 Meeting, Michelle Masters, Sandy Money, and Debbie Dyjak used creative role play to show us how to make Door Knocking fun! A few ways to begin a conversation with your neighbors: simply introduce yourself and say “hello,” inform them where they live (i.e. Precinct-LD18 and District-CD9), invite them to coffee, and ask if they would be interested in volunteering. Great ideas Ladies!
James Chaston – Candidate for State Representative – was one of three speakers at the October meeting. He outlined his expertise in financial matters, expressed his concern for our education system, he spoke of his support for local businesses, and addressed various other issues that our state is facing.
Shiry Sapir – Candidate for Superintendent of Schools -Shiry spoke to us about her desire to put kids first, respecting parents, and opposing the indoctrination that is taking place in our schools today. Shiry, a strong advocate for school choice, wants to make it easy for parents to make education choices for their kids.
Mick McGuire – Candidate for U.S. Senate – Mick is a 38 year Military Veteran and Constitutional Conservative who spoke to us about the importance of praying for our country. He is focused on the issues of border security, protecting the unborn, election integrity, and defending the Second Amendment among many others.