State Committeemen

The Republican Party State Organization

The Republican Party State Committee is the statutory arm of the Arizona Republican Party. It is comprised of Precinct Committeemen (PC) who are elected from every county at the ratio of one State Committeemen (SC) member for every three elected PC members. The SC elect the state party chairman and all state officers as prescribed by AZ State law and State committee bylaws.

Republican Party business at the state level is conducted by the State Committee. It is responsible for calling conventions, nominating candidates, filling vacancies, and conducting the statewide campaign to carry the Republican ticket.

Legislative District 12 SC were elected at the District’s November 2022 organizational meeting for a two year term.

Congratulations to LD12’s Elected State Committeemen!

  • In LD12, if any elected State Committeeman is unable to make the meeting, we will ask an Alternate LD12 State Committeemen to carry the proxy. (Alternate SCs are those who ran for SC but were below the cutoff at the LD12 Organizational Meeting election on November 22, 2022.)

* Updated 01/10/2023.