Abortion Issues

Understanding the Issue

If your goal is to convince others, you must first understand the facts and arm yourself with an array of conversational tools and techniques to engage someone on a frequently emotional (rather than logical) level. Helping that person to recognize and rationalize their own views is the key to changing their views.

Understanding Pregnancy And Fetal Development
Dr. Joseph Bruner operating in utero on a 22 week old baby when the child reaches out to grab his finger. Can anyone doubt that this is a human child, separate and distinct from the body of the mother?
According to the proposed Constitutional Amendment (below) this 22 week old child does NOT have a right to life if the mother chooses abortion.

Pregnancy Week-By-Week
Mama Natural Youtube channel produced an animated week-by-week overview of a baby’s development

From Fertilization to Birth
Dandelion Medical Animation Youtube channel produced a more detailed scientific and mechanistic explanation of how fertilization and implantation occur
Understanding The Mechanics Of Abortion

Abortion Doctors Share How The Most Common Abortion Procedures Take Place
The mission of Live Action Rumble channel is to teach the public about the humanity of the preborn and investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.

4 Doctors who have performed hundreds or even thousands of abortions explain the abortion process, the risks, and why they are now pro-life.

Prager Videos
What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood
What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood is 5 minute video about Planned Parenthood deceptions. 
Making the Argument Against Abortion

What is it?
Living Waters released a 57 minute “man on the street” interview style video that challenges people to think about the act of abortion if they are not absolutely sure if it is a human being inside.
“.. as long as we teach children that it is OK to kill children in the womb, we’ll never convince them that it’s wrong to kill children in the classroom..”

4 basic arguments against “personhood”: 1) Size, 2) Level of Development, 3) Environment (location), 4)Degree of Dependency

3 basic arguments against abortion: 1) Murder of innocent human beings is always wrong, 2) Abortion is the murder of innocent human beings, therefore 3) abortion is always wrong

Is Abortion Moral? 
Prager U 5 minute video The Most Important Question About Abortion about whether abortion is moral.  Does not “Appeal to Authority”.

Why Smart People
Believe Stupid Things
Discussions with people on this issue will frequently cause you to wonder “.. how could someone so smart believe this?” Here is a video to help give you perspective.

After Skool Youtube channel produces many great videos to help us understand ourselves and others.

Women Speak Out
Maria Birnbaum presentation to Arizona LD12 on behalf of Women Speak Out and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America
Upcoming Ballot Initiative
Abortion Amendment filing The Ballot Inititiative to amend the Arizona Constitution to guarantee the “Right to Murder” up until the live birth of the child.  
It Goes Too Far!  It Goes Too Far! In an effort to expand abortion, the proposed abortion amendment makes it unsafe for girls and women. It eliminates long-standing, commonsense safeguards as well as reasonable safety standards at abortion clinics, and it threatens parental rights .


Resource Groups
AZ Right To Life   
Founded in 1974, The mission of the Arizona Right to Life is to protect and defend the lives of all persons born and pre-born through the support of Life-affirming legislation and pro-life candidates.
TurningPoint USA   
Library of articles, videos aimed at high school and college ages