Voter Information

Maricopa County residents can find voter registration and election information

Check your voting status

Video – What ID do I need to vote in person?

Video – How to track your early ballot

Video – Are ballot tabulators secure?

Show your support for a candidate using E-Qual

Candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of petition signatures to appear on a ballot

Clean Elections candidates are required to obtain $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters to qualify for public funding

Find your district by entering your address

Find out who is representing you

Using your personal information, discover your elected officials here

Using personally identifiable information, you can view the status of your early voting ballot

How to find out where you can vote

Online voter registration is managed by the MVD using ServiceArizona

Find your voter registration and personalized election information, i.e. ballot specifics and upcoming elections

Helps you be ballot ready for upcoming elections in Maricopa County: Voter Dashboard, Upcoming Elections, Register to Vote