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Community News broadcasts and highlights the recent events of our tremendously active Precinct Committeemen and tireless Legislative District 12 (LD12) volunteers. If you have news where LD12 Republican members are active in the Community, send us a note using the VOLUNTEER online form.

June Meeting Highlights Primary Candidates

June Meeting Highlights Primary Candidates


Gina Godbehere, candidate for Maricopa County Attorney, was one of the speakers at the June meeting. She described the importance of the position, the many things it entails, and the reasons she is running. You can learn about Gina and her campaign at

Mark Stewart, candidate for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, spoke about his experience as a member of the Chandler City Council, and he shared the issues that he will address as a Supervisor in District 1. Please visit Mark's website to learn more about his campaign at

Another candidate who spoke at the meeting is Jerone Davis, who is running for the seat in Congressional District 4.  His website is 

Don Hiatt spoke to us about his campaign and his qualifications as a candidate for Maricopa County Recorder. Please visit his  website at

Cara Vicini is running for State Senator and she told us why she is running and she described her stance on several issues.  Please visit Cara's website at


LD12 Volunteers – Great Job with 2024 Campaign Signs!

LD12 Volunteers – Great Job with 2024 Campaign Signs!


We all appreciate your hard work posting Candidate signs!







Great turnout for LD12’s GOTV at MCRC HQ on Saturday, 1 June

Great turnout for LD12’s GOTV at MCRC HQ on Saturday, 1 June

Patty Porter updates PC's and volunteers at MCRC HQ Saturday morning. 

GOTV - Get Out The Vote!

Patty Porter, LD12 First Vice Chair, said the turnout was fantastic at the MCRC headquarters building for the 2024 GOTV planning meeting.  Next weekend on the 9th, they plan to have a stuffing "party" at MCRC HQ to prepare campaign literature for distribution. 

May Meeting at the New MCRC Building

May Meeting at the New MCRC Building

Our May meeting was held at the new MCRC building, where one of the agenda items was to elect our new Treasurer, James Chaston.  Gary Johnson served us well during his term as Treasurer and we are very grateful for his service.

Our Tally team counted the ballots by hand and did so in a timely and efficient manner.

MCRC Chairman Craig Berland explained how we were able to get the new building, acknowledging that God had His hand in making it happen.  

Links to Speakers

AZ Abortion Bill

William Lichtsinn - 2024 Candidate - Maricopa Treasurer

Rep. Justin Heap - 2024 Candidate - Maricopa Recorder

State Delegate Meeting Success

State Delegate Meeting Success

Arizona State Delegate Convention

27 April 2024

Although we are still waiting the official results, grass root candidates appeared to fair well.  Arizona Republican's will support Donald Trump's nomination at this Summer's National Convention in Milwaukee.

Our National Delegates

The team shot could’ve easily been 200 people but many were still in hand count and a hundred had left already by the time we could round up a few for the group shot.






AZ Election Issues – Michelle Swinick on SG Anon

Rumble Link

Rescuing Children – 5 April 2024 Presentation

Host Michael Rogers presented four courageous women working different organizations supporting victims of human trafficking.  Their outstanding presentations described first hand the lack of the public's ability to recognize this crime and its proximity to each of us.   Through their non-profits they provide different levels of support for those that have escaped the world of human trafficking as well as education in public recognition identifying signs of trafficked individuals.  Their stories are eye opening and deserve everyone's attention.  The realization that this problem could be closer to your family than you think highlights the need for greater public education as well as legislation helping victims and eliminating this evil that has been allowed to fester in our society.



LD12 Volunteers attend Ahwatukee Easter Parade and Spring Fling


LD12 2024 State Delegate Election

The LD12 State Delegate Election meeting was well attended with 143 ballots cast.  Hand counting took quite a while as the ballot included 105 candidates.  The elected delegate and alternate list below was submitted to the MCRC.  

LD12 2024 State Delegate Official Results

Michele Swinick – 12 March 2024 – Maricopa Election Documents

This is the second in a series of analysis of past election documents available via FOIA request.  This information is also available over several the past broadcasts on her show. (See photo link at bottom).

Watch Video


LD12 March 2024 Meeting

In addition to our We the People program, campaign season continues with much time allocated to candidates, PC paperwork, the upcoming State Delegates election and another session with Michele Swinick showing additional historical Maricopa election documents with major compliance issues.  This event was very well attended.

Chair Greg Dutton talks about the LD12 State Delegates Election on 27 March and the State Convention on 27 April.

Craig Berland (MCRC Chair and LD12 PC) provided State Delegate information. 


Carol Wilson explains some of the details about the hand count at the 27 March LD12 meeting.


Pot Luck decorating party was announced to work on our float for the Ahwatukee Spring Fling Easter Parade.  Contact Steve Black for more information.

PCs signature forms were discussed and collected to facilitate easier submission to the county.   If you have not completed yours, make sure you read the paperwork for submission as an appointment at the county is required.


You must request a ballot for the upcoming SRP election. (2 April is the final SRP Day to hand carry your ballot - order now in order to mail early).


The attendees were allowed time during the meeting to identify and sign candidate forms.  This gave candidates the maximum benefit of attending our meeting with a short microphone introduction to make sure attendees knew what office each was running for in order not to inadvertently sign for a candidate not in their area.  (Kelly Cooper for US Rep. CD4 )


Christy Kelly for Arizona Corporation Commission.



Russ Rowland for Kyrene School Board.




Dr. Zuhdi Jasser for CD4 U.S. Representative for Congress. View Video


Christy Kelly for Arizona Corporation Commission.   View video


Rene Lopez for AZ Corporation Commission - View Video


Michele Swinick provides Maricopa County documents showing past election practices that gave concerns to many including those planning to work the voting centers during the PPE.

Watch Video

Get informed! Election Season is in full swing!

LD 12

Home Of Constitutional Conservatives

Hello LD12 PCs!

2024 has been a busy year thus far and will continue to ramp up.

Important Dates:

Presidential Preferential Election is March 19th

District Delegate Election March 27th @ Pima Canyon Church

State Convention April 27th @ Dream City Church

We are in full swing with Candidate Meet & Greets, Candidate Signature events and fundraisers. Our LD has been active every weekend gathering signatures for our LD12 candidates to appear on the ballot in the Primary and we need your help. Please email Patty Porter [email protected]

Ongoing Events

Lawrence Hudson, House Representative candidate visiting with voters.

Cara Vicini, State Senate candidate setup and ready to greet voters and address their concerns.

Get Involved

"Take Back the Classroom" (TBTC) is providing training for people to learn more about the research process and record data on porn books in school libraries. If you are interested in joining the nearly 150 volunteers nationwide, please contact [email protected] to find out more. Learn more at their website


Ahwatukee PCS Host Meet & Greet and Petition Signing Events

Ahwatukee PCS Host Meet & Greet and Petition Signing Events

Several PCs helped State Senate candidate Cara Vicini and State Representative candidate Lawrence Hudson collect signatures for their petitions to help get their names on the ballot.

Jerone Davison, candidate for U.S. Congress, visited with voters and answered questions about his campaign.

Lawrence and Cara spoke to voters about their campaigns at the Meet & Greet, which was hosted by Walter Grandfield and the Area 1 PCs.

4 March LD12 Town Hall Highlights Recorder and Sheriff Candidates

4 March:  Our LD12 Town Hall meet the candidates offered us a lively debate from very focused candidates who all supported grass roots America First priorities.  We heard from two of the candidates running for Maricopa County Recorder for the Republican nomination and three candidates running for the Republican nomination for Maricopa County Sheriff.


Don Hiatt            Clair Van Steenwyk

View County Recorder Debate


Maricopa County Sheriff's Debate


View County Sheriff's Debate

Hosted by Patty Porter and Denise Babayan.

Many other candidates running for other offices were there.

LD12 PCs hosted Petition Signing the past weekend

LD12 PCs hosted Petition Signing the past weekend

LD12 PCs hosted 2 Petition Signing stations in Ahwatukee. We collected over 350 signatures for candidates. Candidates for State Senate - Cara Vicini, State Rep - Lawrence Hudson & US Congress - Jerone Davison stopped by to talk with voters. #TEAM WORK. #2024VICTORY

Hand Count Road Show – Mark Cook

Hand Count Road Show – Mark Cook

Mark Cook presented the Hand Count Road Show on 25 Feb 2024 at the Pollock Theater

(sponsored by LD12)

Mark presented a lengthy but fact filled evening of election issues nationwide.  He also talked about how it is our job to fix them and provided tools and steps to do so.

February 2024 LD12 Meeting Highlights

February 2024 LD12 Meeting Highlights

Chairman Greg Dutton gave us an update on the upcoming Quadrennial State Delegates Election.  The election will be held on Wednesday, March 27th from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Pima Canyon Church, which is located at 9807 S. 48th St., Phoenix 85044.  Greg stressed the importance of this election and asked that everyone clear their calendars in order to participate.  LD12 will elect 50 State Delegates to go on to the State Convention, which will be held on Saturday, April 27th.

Greg recognized Outstanding Precinct Committeemen, with Walter Grandfield as the Precinct Committeeman of the Year.

Volunteers are needed to participate in the March 30th Easter Parade and Spring Fling - see the Hot Button or Events.  This event is being held at the Ahwatukee Community Park on the NW corner of Warner and 48th St.  The event will be a great opportunity to hand out candidate literature and interact with voters.  Candy donations are also needed and appreciated.

The Presidential Preference Election Postcards were distributed to each precinct and in turn shared with Right Leaning PNDs (Party Not Defined).  Only Registered Republicans will be able to vote in the March 19th election, so it is important to let those who are registered as PNDs know that unless they change their party preference, they will not be able to make their voices heard and help elect our next President. The deadline to re-register is February 20th. We also need to Get Out the Vote by asking Hard Republicans to cast their ballots at one of the Vote Centers, which open on February 21st or to mail their ballots before the deadline of March 12th.  

LD12 is hosting the Hand Count Road Show at Pollock Cinemas on Sunday, February 25 at 3:00 p.m. Mark Cook will speak to us about running an efficient, precinct-based, transparent hand count as well as how to reclaim control of maintaining our voter rolls.  The cost is $10 per person, and donations to Mark to cover his travel expenses will be appreciated.  Please use the Hot Button to sign up for this event.

We had another informative meeting with our guest speakers, including Michele Swinick, Host of the Saving My Freedom movement.

Michele spoke to us about election fraud that occurred during the November 8th, 2022 election.  She showed us several examples of a broken system in which election laws and procedures were not followed.  

 - Michele presents 2022 Maricopa Election Issues

Election Campaigns:

Kelly Cooper spoke to us about his campaign for Congressional District 4, a seat which is presently occupied by Greg Stanton.  

Don Hiatt, another guest speaker, is running for Maricopa County Recorder and he spoke to us about his qualifications for this important position.  

Don Hiatt presents at LD12

January Meeting Highlights Include Candidates, Voices for Election Integrity and the Unborn

January Meeting Highlights Include Candidates, Voices for Election Integrity and the Unborn

Link to Video

Maria Birnbaum, State Director for Women Speak Out - Susan B Anthony Pro Life America, spoke at our January meeting. She pointed out that despite the fact that 80% of Arizona voters want limits on abortion and they want babies who survive abortion to receive medical care, both Ruben Gallego and Kyrsten Sinema voted in favor of abortion up to birth as well as allowing the medical profession to leave survivors of abortion to die with no medical care. 

Link to Video

Mark Cook, Election Cybersecurity and Forensic Expert, also spoke at the meeting and he started by saying there is no doubt in his mind that our elections are being stolen from us.  He pointed out that the corrupt Global Establishment wants to have total control, so we need to unite in fixing our election systems by going back to one day, one vote, precinct voting.  Mark pointed us to his website, which is

Pastor Jerone Davison, who is running for Congressional District 4, spoke to us about the importance of utilizing our First Amendment rights.  He spoke specifically about the need for medical workers to be able to exercise their freedom of speech. Jerone believes that anti Bill Gates and anti George Soros bills are needed in Congress. He pointed out that King David was a worshipping warrior, and that he will fight for our country. 

Kelly Cooper, another candidate running for Congressional District 4, spoke briefly at the meeting. New candidates include Lawrence Hudson, who announced that he is running for State Representative.  Terry Roe also spoke about his candidacy for State Representative, and Seth Willford is running for the same position. Gabriel Willford is running for State Senator as is Cara Vicini.  


New PC Orientation is a Huge Success

New PC Orientation is a Huge Success

Chairman Greg Dutton and First Vice Chair Patty Porter conducted an orientation session for new PCS on January 5th. A total of 37 PC Patriots gathered to share their desires to help restore our Republic. 

State of Denial

State of Denial

State of Denial (Movie)

The Movie Speaks For Itself - A "must watch" for every voter in Maricopa County.

Link to MCRC Chairman's Review

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