Chandler Unified School Meeting – 27 Sept

Our voices are being heard and we are having an impact.  Board members are listening to the people.  We need more volunteers concerned about public education to join us and support those speaking.  You can help make a positive change by participating and reversing the trend of  letting a vocal minority dictate our children’s education!

Sept 27th   6:15pm

Chandler Unified School District Meeting 

Location: CUSD

1525 West Frye Road

Chandler, AZ 85224

Convention of States

Kevin Furhman dispels rumors and old lies about the movement. This is well worth the watch if you value the rights given states in the Constitution and feel the Federal Government has exceeded the boundaries originally established.


Daniel Wood – Constitutional Challenge to Arizona Election Process

In Arizona Daniel Wood has filed a court document challenging the Arizona Election Laws and process.  His claim is that Arizona has bypassed We the People and the Constitution in an administrative process that is in direct violation of our rights as stated in the Constitution.  No evidence is needed other than to show Arizona’s refusal to process legitimate affidavits filed over the past several years by the people of Arizona.


8 Aug 2023 LD12 Meeting

August Meeting Features Guest Speaker Michele Swinick from Save My Freedom. 

Chairman Greg Dutton spoke about Voter Registration strategies with a focus on PNDs and flipping Precincts from Blue to Red.

Tracy Ireland gave a Call to Action to those who live in the Kyrene Elementary School District to sign documents in an argument against the school district Bond.

First Vice Chair Patty Porter spoke about the Save the Children Summit and described actions that everyone can take to help fight the crime of Child Trafficking.