Our Candidates Need Your Help!

ONLY $5!

Link to Arizona Clean Elections Website

Lawrence Hudson

Cara Vicini

Lea Marquez Peterson

Rachel Walden

Rene Lopez


All need those donations so they can be eligible for money from the Clean Elections Fund.


Helping our candidates to reach their goal of two hundred contributions of $5 each ($1000 total) is a great investment. For Legislature races,  when a candidate reaches that goal, the Clean Elections fund will contribute $21,173 to the candidate’s Primary election. For Arizona Corporation Commission, meeting the minimum 1,500 $5 contributions ($7500 total) qualifies each candidate to receive $135,535 in Primary funding!

It takes 2 minutes online (link below.) Alternatively, you can bring $5 to the District Meeting on Tuesday night. Carrie Heikkala will have a table near the door of the venue to collect donations.

Remember, contributions can only be made by LD12 residents and unless you use the online method, each $5 must have an accompanying, signed, Clean Election Contribution Form (copies attached.)