Get informed! Election Season is in full swing!

LD 12

Home Of Constitutional Conservatives

Hello LD12 PCs!

2024 has been a busy year thus far and will continue to ramp up.

Important Dates:

Presidential Preferential Election is March 19th

District Delegate Election March 27th @ Pima Canyon Church

State Convention April 27th @ Dream City Church

We are in full swing with Candidate Meet & Greets, Candidate Signature events and fundraisers. Our LD has been active every weekend gathering signatures for our LD12 candidates to appear on the ballot in the Primary and we need your help. Please email Patty Porter [email protected]

Ongoing Events

Lawrence Hudson, House Representative candidate visiting with voters.

Cara Vicini, State Senate candidate setup and ready to greet voters and address their concerns.

Get Involved

“Take Back the Classroom” (TBTC) is providing training for people to learn more about the research process and record data on porn books in school libraries. If you are interested in joining the nearly 150 volunteers nationwide, please contact [email protected] to find out more. Learn more at their website