14 November Meeting News

Chairman Greg Dutton spoke about the results of the November 7th School Bonds/Overrides Election, and compared them to the results in 2017.  The gap has tightened dramatically in the past 6 years as evidenced by the charts Greg shared.

First Vice Chairwoman Patty Porter shared the results of our LD’s PC Recruitment efforts, which resulted in a total of 285 PCs. This number includes 73 appointed PCs and 212 elected PCs, with the total representing 64% of the 444 slots allotted to our LD.

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Dan Schultz, our LD member and creator of Precinct Strategy, spoke about the County and State mandatory meetings in January, and how important it is that PCs attend them.  Two important positions we will be voting on are a National Committeeman and a National Committeewoman.

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MCRC Member-at-Large Jeff Greenspan spoke to us about the strategy to win in 2024, the MCRC mandatory meeting in January,  the Quadrennial election, National Delegates, and the Presidential Preference Election.