Cyber Security and Forensic Elections Expert – Mark Cook

Talk given by Mark Cook on 9 Jan 2024 at the LD12 monthly meeting.

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Mark’s Hand Count Road Show – 25 Feb 2024 

Our Mission: Build broad-based support for returning ownership and responsibility for elections back to all American Citizens, regardless of political ideologies or affiliation.

Our Goal: Personal visits to counties to educate and demonstrate that there exist procedures that are realistic, efficient, cost-effective, transparent, and fully verifiable by everyone to build earned confidence in our Elections. And from the sound of it, there may soon be additional groups of citizens working with us to follow our lead simultaneously in other states

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25 Feb 2024 at 3:30 PM

LD12 is hosting this event by Mark Cook at the Pollock theater.  We have kept the cost at a minimum to provide an opportunity for the maximum number of viewers while covering venue costs as well as helping fund Mark Cook’s future events around the US.

We Shall Cover:

* Reclaiming control of maintaining your voter rolls
* Running an efficient precinct-based transparent hand-count using cameras that allow every citizen to independently verify every vote and every ballot for no cost. This insures 100% reliability and returns complete trust to our election system. Please see Mock County’s Election Results to see a sample of a process. HCRS does not endorse any particular method. This concept of transparency should be implemented with any chosen process.
* Meetings with local Grass Roots, Election Officials, Commissioners, Sheriffs, and other Countywide and City officials to answer questions and provide suggestions on paths to reclaiming and securing their elections.
* Recruiting Citizens committed to working the elections.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Hand Count Road Show exists as the patriotic and altruistic response of our presenter for this event, Mr. Mark Cook. Mark’s unselfish work on behalf of “We the People” through his nationwide travels since 2020 is extremely appreciated. To show our appreciation and to assist Mark get to dozens of additional key counties between now and election time, we’ll be accepting voluntary donations at the event to fund & accelerate the success of Hand Count Road Show. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration…