LD12 Monthly Mtg on 12 Sept 2023

Chairman Greg Dutton opened the business meeting by pointing out the importance of recruiting PCs and that the cut off date for PC application submissions is October 25th. He also spoke about a new tool called Voter Spectrum, which can be used by PC’s to manage their list of 125 voters.

Alice Mercer, who is a member of the Phoenix City Council Passion Project, addressed the issue of C40 by describing how the mayor of Phoenix and several other mayors across the country are embracing this program as a way to fight the change in climate.

Kurt Gearhart told us about all of the features in the new website, which became live on Monday, September 11th.

Kevin Fuhrman spoke to us about the Convention of States. He said the goal is to reign in the power and scope of our government. Arizona is one of 19 states that passed the resolution, but 34 states need to be on board.

Daniel Wood spoke to us about the lawsuit, which was filed in Common Law Court as opposed to the Administrative Court. He expects the judge to recuse himself. He pointed out that We The People need to step up, not the military.