PC Signature & Election Process for 2024

PC’s are required to run for office every two years.  Between election years, a PC may be appointed if vacancies exist in their precinct.  Being appointed only last until the next election cycle (2022, 2024, 2026….).  During an election year, all PC’s must complete the required paperwork to be “elected.”

During the election year, if the number of PC’s who have completed the required application and signature forms is less than or equal to the number of PC’s alowed in your precinct – all PC’s in that precicnt will be automatically “elected” without their names being printed on the ballot.  If there are more PC’s qualified by the application process than slots available, names will be placed on the ballot in that precinct so the voters may elect only the number of PC’s authorized.

1 April 2024 is the Deadline for PC Application and Signatures.  These must be turned into the county office.


PC Application for 2024