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Legislative District 12 includes Ahwatukee, West Chandler, and Southwest Tempe.  We have 46 precincts, each with a designated Precinct Captain.  This is your source for local grassroots constitutional conservative information that affects where you live.



Maricopa BOS meeting – PC appointment process in Jeopardy!

State Power Grab on PCs in Maricopa/Arizona/…..

“We the People Hold the Power, show up and let Them know that we will not accept state interference at a county level.   This is a power grab, just like when the recorder’s office (Fontes, 2019)  gave the Certification of Elections to the BOS.  Now the BOS is finding a way to do a power grab on the PCs appt and PC removal.  My fellow patriots rise up, do not tolerate this sly usurping of County power.  This is how they steal control/elections!”   Lezley Shepard

When:  Wednesday 27 Sept 2023.

How to attend (in person or remot):