Maricopa BOS meeting – PC appointment process in Jeopardy!

State Power Grab on PCs in Maricopa/Arizona/..... "We the People Hold the Power, show up and let Them know that we will not accept state interference at a county level.   This is a power grab, just like when the recorder's office (Fontes, 2019)  gave the Certification of Elections to the BOS.  Now the BOS is ... Read more

CRITICAL VOTE!!! – Chandler Unified School Board Meeting – 27 SEPT

Chandler Unified School District 1525 W. Frye Rd, Chandler, AZ, United States

WE NEED 25 PEOPLE TO PACK THIS MEETING!!!  THIS IS A CRITICAL VOTE!!! You can help make a positive change by participating and reversing the trend of  letting a vocal minority dictate our children's education! Sept 27th   6:15pm - Wednesday Chandler Unified School District Meeting  Location: CUSD 1525 West Frye Road Chandler, AZ 85224