How to Reduce Spam Text

You can reduce spam texts on an iPhone or Android by blocking, reporting, or filtering messages.

– When you engage with spam texts — even to send a STOP request — you are letting the sender (AI?) know that their text is being received.  You may have opened the door to many more texts as they may sell or market your number.  (Only send STOP or END if you trust the sender)

– Unwanted texts can be reported directly to your phone service provider. For most major carriers — including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon — you can copy the offending message and text it to 7726
Your provider should respond with a reply, which, may ask for more information.  This probably won’t solve your problem, but may help remove a bad actor from the text network for everyone.

Setting up Filtering on your Phone


Go to Settings.







Scroll down to Messages.


















Turn on “Filter Unknown Senders.” 


You can also remove your old email addresses by unchecking them:













“Send & Receive Messages”